Top 5 Reasons to Retrofit Your Exterior Lighting with LED!

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Top 5 Reasons to Retrofit Your Exterior Lighting with LED!

#1. Safety

Ensuring the exterior of your facility is safe has almost everything to do with how bright it is. A dark parking lot can make your tenants feel uneasy and make crime more of a possibility.  Winter slip and fall accidents can also be reduced with increased light levels. LED lighting increases light levels compared to HID lighting.

#2. They Make you Money

Because LED is over 50% more energy-efficient than HID lights, LEDs will save you thousands of dollars each year. Your investment often pays for itself within 24 months. Government rebates  are still  available & cover generally 20 to 35% of the cost.

#3. No Maintenance

Tired of paying for lifts and electricians to replace old HID bulbs on pole tops? Our LED technology is warrantied for 10 years!  If the fixture fails we will replace it free of charge!

#4. They’re Easy to Manage

LED lighting is ideal for parking lot lighting because the light can be directed accurately. You simply don’t have that control  with HID lights.

#5. They’re Easy to Install  and look great!

The best news is that LEDs are easy to retrofit and provide your facility with a modern sleek aesthetic!

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